My washing machine won’t drain water, what do I do?

 This is a very common question and generally a simple investigation to find out the reason why the machine won’t drain; in most cases it’s a simple fix!

If water remains in your washer after a cycle has finished, the problem may be internal to the machine. The drain tube or pump may be malfunctioning so further investigation should be done to those specific parts. Something may have clogged the machine causing the inability for the drain tube to pump the water out of the machine. If the drain tube is properly functioning then it may be the pump that is causing the problem. If the pump is not working, it will not pump out the water from the machine at the end of a cycle and it will remain in the machine. A professional washing machine repair company should be contacted at this point, they will assist you with these troublesome issues.

My washing machine will not turn on, what do I do?

There could be many reasons why your washing machine won’t turn on and believe it or not, the machine being plugged in is one of them! We all think that it wouldn’t happen to us, but it’s very possible, so the first step is to double check to make sure that it’s fully plugged in and ready to go. If it is plugged in and still not working then double check the electrical outlet by unplugging the machine and plugging in another device to see if it is indeed the electrical outlet that is malfunctioning. If the outlet is working there may be further investigation that needs to be done to see why the machine is not working.

Other parts that need to be looked at are:

Depending on your model, the user control and display board should be lit up. If it is not lit up, it may be defective.

  • The fuse line or thermal fuse may be blown
  • May have a faulty motor or motor controller
  • It is important to check the door lock assembly as it is possible that is may malfunction mechanically as well as electronically
  • Brushes on a washing machine get worn and it is possible that this will cause problems with the machine working properly

If you have checked all of the above or do not feel comfortable looking at it yourself, it is important to get a professional opinion because an investigation into the root of the problem may be complicated and time consuming.

Issues with washing machines?

Washing machines are one of the staple appliances in every household that we all use for fresh, clean clothing; however, they do not always function the way that we need them to. With any appliance there are many problems that can arise that we may not always be ready to face because we are not professionals. The purpose of this article is to answer some of those common questions about our washing machines that will help you be prepared if anything goes wrong.